FINDING LIFE, A Documentary


        According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, on September 30, 2012, there were an estimated 399,546 children in foster care in the United States. These are children who are in need of loving homes.  There are already more than enough same sex couples that have the means and compassion to raise and care for these children right now.


       Finding Life is a documentary that follows several couples through the process of fostering and caring for children in need. We talk with same sex couples that are just beginning their journey through the foster care program and those that have already successfully completed the process.


        We follow these modern American families to give you an intimate look into their lives.  From the legal processes that both current and potential foster parents must go through to the minutiae of daily life, we cover these families in great detail with the aim of bringing their stories into sharper focus for our audience.


        While the gay rights movement advanced greatly over the past few years, there are actually still some places in the U.S. where same sex couples are unable to become foster parents.  Finding Life will also investigate these places to find out why this is still the case so far into the 21st century.  


       We hope to highlight the belief that it doesn’t matter whether you are gay, straight, black or white.  There are real children here in the United States right this second that are in need of a loving family. We hope to show that it’s not as difficult as some might think to open your heart and your home. To give back, while, at the same time, gaining so much.  Finding Life is about more than gay couples finding children to love and care for, it’s about how multiple lives are being changed forever. You will see these couples searching for a better life and finding whole new lives in the process.


         Produced and directed by an award winning documentary filmmaker  with over 15 years of experience in the film industry, Finding Life is full of surprises, challenges and fun, but most importantly, our goals are to educate and entertain. We hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with us.