John and Frank

John and Frank have been together for 8 years. They met in Fort Lauderdale, FL playing softball. John loves to write, do improv, and play games with his family. He works in the Human Resources field, but always has several other projects going on. Frank is a retired New York firefighter who came to sunny South Florida and became a nurse. He loves hiking, camping, and reading travel books. Their son, Zachary, is four-years-old and loves to watch videos about dinosaurs and play with Ninja Turtles.


Lori and KJ

Lori and KJ met through mutual friends  who just knew these women would click. Lori is one of very few female construction managers, garnering local notoriety for her prestigious place in the construction industry. KJ is the business owner of a bustling hair salon. She simmers with style every day. Lori and KJ love riding their bikes, walking their dogs, and shopping for kids clothes.


David and Alex

David and Alex met at a yoga class and, though they started as friends, eventually the relationship deepened and they became partners. David is an engineer and photographer, and Alex works at a hotel. They enjoy baking one-of-a-kind cakes, collecting unique things. David and Alex love creative projects and are often building, painting, or creating things for Ashton. Sharks! They love sharks!


Jim and Chris

Jim and Chris met the gym and been together for over 11 years. They recently had the opportunity to wed in the state of New York. Jim loves to sing, tell jokes, and laugh. When he’s not entertaining a crowd he’s making travel plans. Chris is a home maker whose home made spaghetti sauce is to die for. Chris and Jim love to travel and give their amazing girls, Sara and Mattie, the opportunity to see the world.


John and Marcus

John and Marcus met several years ago through friends. They both teach high school competitive colorguard. John also works in color guard fashion, and brings a burst of creativity into everything he does. Marcus is currently pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. They love to travel, go to the beach, attend art walks, and spend a lot of time taking their little one to gymnastics and swim classes.

Paul and Cal


Ryan and David

David and Ryan have been together for over 9 years.  They met in 2005 in an online chat room.  David works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice.  He is an aspiring author, and is working towards expanding his career into the entertainment industry. Ryan works as a professional recruiter, and is actively involved in many activities at the local UU fellowship.  David and Ryan enjoy a variety of activities including cooking, reading, and traveling.  Their 4-year old daughter, Nicole, is an active kid who loves spending time outside playing at the park, riding her bicycle, and swimming in the pool.  They spend a lot of family time together playing games, reading books, exploring new places, and enjoying being a forever family.